Is 100% of your cash posted at the end of every day?

Target Financial Quality Outcomes with Reconomate

  • Gain precise insight on A/R cash and avoid costly mistakes
  • Decrease unposted cash and begin posting 100% cash in under two days
  • Route payable accounts to the right person, at the right time to save time and money with Reconomate’s automated account matching manager.

Say Goodbye to Giant, Tedious Spreadsheets

Go Beyond Technology to Improve Cash Posting

  • Experienced process engineers oversee the implementation of Reconomate to create an effortless transition for the cash posting team members, and to help the cash posting department reach their goals
  • Throw out the big spreadsheet, and centralize posting information across all EHR systems, all payers, and all accounts in real time
  • Reduce account sorting and maximize operations by avoiding time consuming payment matching